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eProSoft’s Sales Enablement Platform provides a seamless omni-channel platform for interactive engagement that maximizes value by increasing productivity, enabling enterprise-level transparency and providing quicker response.

eProSoft’s CRM/ Sales Enablement Tool provides a seamless omni-channel platform for customer interaction that maximizes value by increasing productivity, enabling enterprise-level transparency and providing quicker response via “engage everywhere” strategies. On the cloud or on premise, eProSoft delivers a rapidly deployed, tailored solution that personalizes each customer engagement to the customer and the situation. We have entered into a customer engagement revolution. Life Science, Pharma, Medical Devices, Healthcare and many other companies now have an array of customer-specific data right at their fingertips.

Prointeract Platform:

Empower strategic customer touchpoints with your HCP stakeholders; our ProInteract platform enables Life Science manufacturers to improve their customer engagement levels and increase brand loyalty by creating a better customer experience.

Our engagement model is a structured design for accessing relevant customer content with the right people at the right time in the sales cycle. We help organizational Sales and Marketing leaders build and implement their business strategies faster and more effectively to create a more engaged/collaborative customer experience

ProInteract is a game changing sales enablement platform with a smarter approach towards managing and presenting customer facing content and collateral.

To learn more about our one of a kind ProInteract Platform, please visit us at: www.prointeract.com

Conversation Modelling:

The platform is cloud-based with global reach so changes within the platform can be deployed in real-time to ensure your Users have what they need when they need it. Content can be curated in any manner desired to allow for a highly customized and personalized User experience through the User Dashboard view.

Traditional customer surveys will stay in marketing or happen haphazardly throughout the organization, but a closed-loop program is aimed at long-term improvements. Because of this customer-centric mindset, a closed-loop feedback will seek to ultimately solve the internal issues that are causing customer problems in the first place. This isn’t about tracking; it’s about transformation.

Sales Support (Competitive Intelligence):

Sales forces expect sales guides to arm them with information they need to confidently sell your company's solution, including ways to handle the competition. Our platform gives your sales force what they need to win. Following are six field-tested, salespeople-approved best practices to help you put competitive intelligence to work for your sales force.

Enable insider sources of competitive intelligence on how the competition is positioned against your offerings

Access comparative matrix which translates data into sales tool

Market your intelligence

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