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eProSoft provides custom e-commerce development services to businesses that believe in building great online experiences.

Our ingenuity as an e-commerce solution provider lies in handling various aspects related to your e-commerce business for enabling you to reach out to a much wider global audience.

Regardless of your current state, create a robust, differentiated offering without compromising security, stability, or scalability. Through open-platform flexibility and extensibility, supported by extensive specialized services, eProSoft empowers you to rise above complexity – and ultimately focus on optimizing your business for growth.

Sit back, relax and let our eCommerce experts manage your business online!

Accelerate your store set-up time with expert E-Commerce assistance

Get expert technical support from our in-house support team

Get Email, SMS & Phone support for resolving operational issues quickly

Get a Personal Account Manager for your brand

Experience industry-leading dispute resolution times & 99.98% uptime

Omni-Channel Retail Transformation

Omnichannel Commerce Service empowers organizations to deliver open, consistent and personal user experience across channels of the customer’s choice. We help our clients leverage advanced analytics to better understand customer preferences and elevate experiences by connecting the store and fulfillment center. e-Commerce applications and platforms

Distributed Order Management - Manage, monitor, and optimize order management across multiple channels

Retail & Smart Shelves - Enable customers to browse and order products unavailable in-store or replace the traditional shelf signs with digital screens to enhance the customer experience.

Store Analytics - Leverage IoT powered solutions to analyze footfall data and in-store productivity and acquire a real-time view of key store metrics and conversion funnel.

B2B Omni-Channel - Implement best-in-class product search & navigation, shopping cart customizations, and personalized product recommendation features for B2B retail. 

Associate Enablement - Empower store associates with customer insights to offer highly contextualized and digitally assisted in-store sales and services.

Proximity Marketing - Unlock the full potential of proximity marketing – from managing campaigns on social media and digital displays to delivering personalized content to the shopper’s mobile devices.

Advanced Customer & Business Insights

Analytics and Insights are a crucial element of digital commerce channels in helping engage with the customer and providing better-personalized services. Happiest Minds provides advanced insights into customer behavior and business operation

Buyer’s Behavior Prediction

Cart Abandonment

Dynamic Pricing

Product Recommendations

Demand Forecasting

Sentiment Analysis

Customer Loyalty & Rewards

Customer Loyalty is created by experiences that are leading a shift away from transaction-based systems to establishing deep customer connects continuously.

3600 customer engagement – across the lifecycle of acquiring customers, sales, post-sales

Personalized messages, user interface, and information

Personalized and Real-time coupons

Customer Advocacy

Peer to Peer and Social Deals

Platform Extensions

As new technologies and devices proliferate, existing eCommerce platforms need to be extended to support additional capabilities:

Digital Wallets

Contextual Search

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Integration with 3rd Party Applications and SDKs like Apple touch, Google Wallet, etc.

Engineering Efficiencies

Businesses are changing rapidly because of customer expectations and the rapid pace of technology innovation. To keep pace and continuously innovate businesses need to incorporate advanced engineering technology for faster time to market


Test Automation

Mobile Security

API Enablement and Management

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